Since 1996 our lawyers have helped over 450,000 people in cases involving:

Homicides And Major Trials / Treatment CourtsDomestic Violence / Youth FeloniesImmigrants Charged With Criminal Offenses

Our Core Services:

Social WorkCriminal DefenseImmigrationCommunity Outreach

Here are some of the things that we can help with.

We Connect

clients to resources and alternatives to incarceration

We Provide

holistic services to our clients and their families

We Manage

the peer-led Youth Justice Courts

We Educate

adults and adolescents about their legal rights

We Partner

with local organizations, librarians, police officers, and teachers to create new services

We Reduce

the impact of a criminal record on employment, housing, education, and public benefits

Passion. Skill. Experience

The Queens Defenders commitment extends well beyond the courtroom. We employ a team of social workers who connect clients with critical resources and alternatives to incarceration.

Have been charged with a crime?

We canhelp you.

Queens Defenders represents people who have been charged with a crime in Queens and cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Queens Defenders lawyers are usually assigned to clients by the court following their arrests.

You do not have to speak.

Know YourRights.

You do not have to speak with police or prosecutors, even if they ask you questions. U.S. law states that you have the right to refuse to answer questions and to have a lawyer with you when you are questioned.

You don't have to give an answer.

You CanAlways Say:

“I will not waive my constitutional rights to remain silent and have my lawyer present.”
“I do not wish to answer any questions without speaking to my lawyer first.”
“I will not consent to participate in any search until I have spoken to my lawyer.”