Andre is one of our top youth mentors here at Queens Defenders. He is 21 years old and is currently studying business administration at LaGuardia Community College. 


Andre first got involved with Queens Defenders through the Youth Justice Court program while he was a student at Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School. He started off as a volunteer 3 years ago, and is now an active youth mentor on the team. Andre decided to be a volunteer at Youth Court and other Queens Defenders programs because he saw it as a great way to stay out of trouble and help the youth of the community. He proclaims, “What inspired me about being a volunteer with Queens Defenders was it kept me out of trouble and helped me learn life-changing things. Volunteering with Queens Defenders helped me change my mindset in life and to stay on the right path and guide others to do the same.” After graduating high school, Andre became an official employee of Queens Defenders, which was still called ‘Queens Law Associates’ at the time.


“I’ve known Andre since he was in the 5th grade. He’s a good kid and a hard worker. I nicknamed him Benson, after the tv character, because he was always busy doing different tasks and helping people. He never talked back to adults and is a great mentor to youth. He’s all that and a bag of chips.” – Isaac Parsee, Queens Defenders


Andre orchestrated the FDA VI Men’s Group, which was a program dedicated to helping young men stay on the right path. He shared his experiences with them hoping they could either relate to or learn from his past mistakes. He assisted in the tutoring program, tutoring kids from 3rd grade and up, as well as building relationships with them. In 2019, he had an active role in the mentoring program, mentoring kids from 9th grade in Far Rockaway High School, making sure they keep their grades up while building a close connection with them. From 2019-2020, Andre took part in some major events such as hosting the Far Rockaway Awards Day with Hector, an event that gave recognition to Community Partners that have a positive influence on the community. He also represents Queens Defenders at Community Board 14 Meetings, as well as several other community events.


The part of Andre’s job that he is most proud of is how well the team comes together to help others, as well as each other. He enjoys giving back to the community and helping kids stay on the right path. His goals for the future are to take care of his family, be successful in life, and make a change in his community. We believe Andre is well on his way to accomplishing these goals!



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