March 21, 2024


Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor of New York State


Hon. Andrea Stewart-Cousins

President Pro Tempore & Majority Leader

New York State Senate


Hon. Carl E. Heastie

New York State Assembly Speaker

New York State Assembly

RE: Saving IOLA Wasn’t Enough. Stop the ILSF Sweep & Fund Public Defense.

Dear Governor Hochul, Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, and Speaker Heastie:


As you negotiate the final budget, we urge you to reject the proposed sweep of $234 million from the Indigent Legal Services Fund in the FY25 Executive Budget. These funds are crucial to ensure that low-income New Yorkers receive the high-quality legal representation they deserve and are entitled to by the United States Constitution. The ILS Fund must be restored.


In the 30-day amendments, the Governor correctly removed a $100 million proposed sweep of the IOLA Fund, which supports civil legal services, after widespread outcry, particularly by the legal profession. However, criminal and family court legal services are not covered by the IOLA Fund. These services are funded by New York State through the Indigent Legal Services Fund (ILSF). While the Senate rightfully rejected the sweep in its One House budget, the Assembly and Governor are still considering it. We urge you to join with the Senate in rejecting it full stop.


The ILS Fund was created twenty years ago to ensure high-quality public defense for all low-income New Yorkers. These monies are used to ensure people have access to the zealous representation required to defend themselves in criminal court, to fight to have their children returned to them in family court, and to navigate technical and complicated appeals processes. No one should have to face these legal systems alone without quality legal representation, including crucial investigative and social work support. ILS also provides counties across the state with funding for non-citizen advisals on immigration consequences (called Padilla support). In most counties, ILS funding is the only funding to support constitutionally-required Padilla advisals.


Public defenders meet people at some of the worst moments of their lives, and help them through to the other side. Without sufficient funding from the ILSF, many defender offices around the state will not have sufficient resources to provide many critical services to their clients. In addition, attorneys will be back to handling too many cases at one time, increasing the risk of missing important legal and factual issues. Large caseloads also lead attorneys to leave the public interest field, adding to the attrition that was experienced during the pandemic.


The ILS Fund protects counties from otherwise unfunded mandates. Prior to the settlement of a lawsuit brought by the NYCLU in 2015, counties were responsible for most of the costs of funding constitutionally-mandated public defense, with only a limited amount of state funding available. The Hurrell-Harring settlement clarified that it is the state’s responsibility to fund such obligations. The source for that funding is the ILS Fund. Without these funds, the state risks going backwards in its obligation. Perhaps more importantly, funding in family court is woefully inadequate and the sweep of these funds makes it even more unlikely that the state will play their part in funding these services.


As has been made clear by numerous task forces and reports as well as Chief Judge Wilson in his recent State of the Judiciary remarks, there must be an investment in New York’s family court, including legal services, as well as continued support for legal services for low-income people across the court system.


The ILS fund was created to ensure equity, justice, quality representation and family unification for indigent New Yorkers. The proposed sweep of $234 million undermines these goals and sets a dangerous precedent that will harm our communities. We collectively urge you instead to appropriate the funds in the ILSF for their intended purpose of improving public defense throughout New York State.



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2. Allegany County Public Defender’s Office

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