The Queens Defenders BLANK Project was created to build leaders and activists in a new culture. Members of the BLANK Project learn about law, organize rallies, marches, and fight for social justice. 

Since its inception in November 2020, the BLANK Project has come a long way. In the first half of 2021, The BLANK Project has held various community engagement events and virtual town halls. Thus far, the group has had community discussions about Foster Care Awareness, Police Reform, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Stop AAPI Hate, Black Lives Matter, and more.  

To commemorate all of these events, the BLANK Project organized a 50-block walk called ‘Journey to Awareness,’ starting from Beach 67th Street and ending on Beach 17th Street. The event took place on July 27th, and had many youth participants join the walk. 

At every 10-block interval, stations were set up in which participants engaged in different activities to honor different topics: 

  • Beach 57th Street celebrated Black Lives Matter. At this station, each person to shout a protest chant. 
  • Beach 47th Street celebrated LGBTQIA+ Awareness. At this station, each person finger painted a rainbow and left their handprint on the poster. 
  • Beach 37th Street celebrated Stopping AAPI Hate. At this station, participants took pictures with the Stop Asian Hate posters that were made at a previous rally.  
  • Beach 27th Street celebrated Awareness of New Policing. At this station, each person received a pamphlet on what to do in a police encounter. Also, there was a discussion about different things police officers can do to become involved in the community. 
  • Beach 17th Street celebrated Foster Care Awareness. At this station, participants wrote messages on the boardwalk using chalk to spread awareness and love for foster youth. 

Throughout the walk, participants engaged in conversations about current events and the importance of the events put on by the BLANK Project. Keep an eye out for future BLANK Project events acknowledging various social justice issues. 

To join the BLANK Project,  reach out to Alexandra Brathwaite at