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Criminal Defense

Queens Defenders usually begins work with clients after they are arrested but before they see a judge.

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Once assigned to a criminal case, Queens Defenders’ highly skilled attorneys conduct investigations, interview witnesses, and engage in settlement conferences with the Queens County District Attorney’s Office and the Court. And if the case is not resolved during pre-trial conferencing, we zealously defend our clients at trial. We work diligently to limit the impact of a criminal record on employment, housing, education, and public benefits.

Major Trials and Homicides

The expert attorneys in our Major Trials Division handle serious, complex, and high publicity cases. They work closely with experts, investigators, and social workers to ensure every client receives the best defense possible.

Family Defense

This team handles criminal, family, and marital matters that involve domestic violence through the Queens Integrated Domestic Violence Court. One primary attorney works closely with investigators and social workers to ensure that both clients have access to the services they need.

Treatment Courts

Attorneys work with defendants in Queens Treatment Court, DWI Court, Mental Health Court, Veterans Court, and the Drug Diversion and Treatment Courts. These courts employ a therapeutic approach to cases and aim to address the underlying behaviors and circumstances that contributed to their illegal actions and arrests.

Felony Youth Defense

Our attorneys represent youth ages 18 and younger charged with felony offenses. Whenever possible, we advocate for alternatives to incarceration and supportive programs that help youth develop their full capacity.

Juvenile Defense

Attorneys represent minors ages 7 - 17 in Family Court, and in Raise the Age cases that are removed to Family Court from the Youth Part of the Supreme Court. Our staff work closely with social workers, clients, and their families to advocate for the best possible outcome, and provide support to help our young clients develop critical life skills and enhance educational and professional opportunities to build successful lives.