In the Summer of 2020, Jaden joined the Queens Defenders team as a member of the Summer Youth Employment Program. From the very beginning, Queens Defenders staff recognized something special in Jaden. At the end of the summer, Jaden was offered a position at Queens Defenders’ Rockaway Outreach Center as a Homework Helper. Since then, Jaden’s growth has been tremendous. 

Throughout his time at Queens Defenders, Jaden has been inspired by the versatility of the organization. He is fascinated at the many different ways that Queens Defenders assists the community, and this made him want to devote his time to Queens Defenders. Jaden is passionate about helping the community, and is excited at the future of opportunities. He is a proud member of Queens Defenders’ BLANK Project, and loves any chance to fight for social justice. 

Outside of his time spent working at Queens Defenders, Jaden has worked diligently to complete his Eagle Project. In August 2021, Jaden completed his project in which he built a beautiful community green space in Edgemere Park. This project involved raising money for supplies, and working tirelessly to complete the space. In recognition of his hard work, Jaden was awarded with two citations: one from NYS Assembly Member Khaleel Anderson, and the other from NYC Council Member Selvena Brooks-Powers. 

Jaden dreams big when it comes to both present and future. He is 16 years old and attends Channel View School for Research at the Beach Channel High School campus. He plans to attend an ivy league college where he will study law and eventually become a politician.  

Jaden’s ambition and positive mindset are an asset to Queens Defenders, and we are proud to watch Jaden grow and achieve his goals. Jaden’s impact on the community is just beginning.