March is Women’s History Month. International Women’s Day began as a legal movement for labor rights in the early 20th century. After International Women’s Day was commemorated on March 8th, the month of March became Women’s History Month. The legal profession in the United States has been shaped by trailblazing women, and we are all indebted to the contributions of women as we strive for equality and justice. I encourage you to review this website, as the American Bar Association has highlighted a variety of women in the legal field to celebrate.


The fight for gender equality continues. Prison rates for women continue to rise and mass incarceration has a devastating impact on women. Click on this link for Vera’s report. As segments of our country attempt to strip health care rights away from women, the disparity in health care for Black women is abysmal, which is noted by the maternal mortality rate being more than double for Black women. Additionally, trans women face a grim reality in the United States as their health care and safety are challenged. This is especially the case in NYC as trans women endure increasing violence at Rikers.


March 8th is International Women’s Day, a time to highlight & acknowledge the achievements women have made to our society and the legal profession. A theme for International Women’s Day in 2023 is to #EmbraceEquity. At Queens Defenders and beyond, we aim to recognize how people start from different places. We then employ equitable action and programs to create meaningful opportunities and inclusion. This cannot be achieved without focusing on gender equity for all women.


Queens Defenders centers its mission and values around fighting for justice in an equitable and inclusive way, and justice for all women is at the heart of our work.